“Smile Right Line”
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This story was later performed as a dramatic reading for Columbia Radio in 2007. Have a listen:


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“Ugly Mug”
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“Plot 264”
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“What meets in the dark and rain”
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Opinion columns, unsigned editorials, media reviews, and various news stories
     – The State Press, 2002-2005

Op-ed: “Black Friday an honorable and fun tradition for many”
     – The Roanoke Star-Sentinel, December, 2008

Op-ed: “Those are the wrong pirates, Senator”
     – The Roanoke Times, November, 2009

Journal article: “Telehealth monitoring” (co-author)
     – Home Healthcare Nurse, June, 2011

Pirate Nation
      – Mann, Ivanov, and Ferber, Russia, 2012